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DNS Hosting

DNS hosting - service for providing name servers referenced by a domain. The name server performs a mapping of the domain name and ip address to which the domain refers. Also, you can customize additional names (subdomains) and set up Yandex and Google mail on your domain.

    DNS hosting RIPNET

Managing domain zones through a convenient web interface in your personal account.

  • Editing and creating your own records.
  • Unlimited number of domains
  • Physically independent, separate DNS cluster:
  1.        Primary     (
  2.        Secondary (
  • Synchronizing changes in real time

The service is provided free of charge in conjunction with: Domain registration, Hosting, VPS hosting. To configure, go to your personal account and in the menu Services -> DNS Hosting.

А - The address record, the correspondence between the name and IP-address, in this case the IP address of the remote equipment (server) is indicated, the main thing is that the ip address is static.

CNAME - A canonical name is used to assign an alias to the main name in the A record, so you can add aliases to the main A record.

MX - Used to determine the mail server, specify the ip address of the mail server and the priority, you can specify several mail servers. The higher the priority, the lower the number.

NS - The address of the equipment responsible for the domain zone. If you change the default value, the domain is partitioned and will not be available on the Internet.

PTR - Reverse entry for ip address.

SOA - Authoritative information about the zone.

TXT - Arbitrary information, in practice, is used to confirm the ownership of a domain name in Yandex and Google services.

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