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The domain after the expiration of the registration period, which occurs from the date of the date specified in the whois service, the Expiration Date field is blocked by the registry and ceases to work. Thus, all services on the domain, such as the site, the mail stop working. The owner of the domain while the domain is in the onhold state has the opportunity to renew the registration during the blocking period.

If the owner has not confirmed the renewal of the domain during the Blocking Period, the Registrar initiates the domain deletion procedure in the Registry. The procedure for deleting a domain in the Registry lasts, on the order of 30 days. The status in Whois-service is changed to:

  • .NET, .COM, .CC, .TV, .BZ, .MN - RedemptionPeriod,
  • .BIZ, .TEL — Pending Delete,
  • .INFO, .ORG, .ME, .MOBI, .NAME - PendingDelete Restorable.

In most cases, within 20-25 days from the start of the deletion procedure, the domain can still be restored and renewed (except .WS, .KZ) at the request of the Domain Administrator, but this service is paid and as a rule makes a surcharge of at least 100 % Of the cost of restoration and the base cost of renewal. To clarify prices, you need to contact technical support by specifying a domain name. If the domain has not been restored and renewed, it will usually be deleted from the Registry within 5 days after the expiration of the RedemptionPeriod (Pending Delete or PendingDelete Restorable). During these 5 days (domain status in the Registry - PendingDelete), it is impossible to restore, renew or register a domain.

After the domain is deleted from the Registry, the domain can be registered by any person.

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