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  • You are not satisfied with the prices of your domain name registrar
  • The current registrar changes the prices at its discretion
  • Suspends domain names for no reason

Transfer your domain names to us at a bargain price. When you transfer a domain name, it automatically renews for 1 year. Thus, you pay a transfer including the renewal of the domain.

  • Free DNS server with a convenient record editor. (Learn More)


The domain can be moved under the following conditions::

  • The domain has not yet exceeded 30 days from the expiration date (Expiration Date)
  • In the settings of the registrar, you must allow the transfer (client transfer prohibited off)
  • When registering a transfer, enter the domain authorization code, you can check it with the current registrar. (EPP, authorization code)
  • After payment of the transfer, confirm the consent to the transfer, in the letter that will come to your e-mail (usually within a few hours)
  • Since the change of owner data, including email has passed more than 60 days

After the successful transfer, you will receive a confirmation letter from us, the domain will be automatically renewed for 1 year.



Attention! The prices are indicated for the transfer of the base domain, in case you transfer a premium domain, in this case the price will be higher than the base, after the order wait for confirmation (takes 10 minutes to several hours). After that, you can pay for the transfer. If you pay immediately if the domain is premium, the funds will be unlocked and reflected in your account on your balance, the account for the domain will be re-formed. This warning applies only to premium domains in new zones (newGTLD).

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