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Guide to setting up a site on hosting >  Hosting Resource Usage Statistics

Statistics of used resources is updated 1 time per day and shows the consumption:

  • Disk space grouped by server services
  • Transmission protocol grouped traffic
  • Statistics of visits to your site according to the web server

This is where you view detailed reports on how resources provided with your subscription are used. If you are subscribed to several plans, you can view reports for each of your subscriptions by selecting the required subscription at the top right corner of the page.

It is also possible to view statistics grouped by month. This functionality will allow you to visually see the schedule for the use of resources by your site. Based on these reports, over the course of several months, you can determine which resources are suitable for limiting and, if necessary, switch to a tariff with a large amount of disk space. Or vice versa to a more budget, so as not to overpay for unused resources. Upon reaching the threshold of the remaining disk space of 10%, the client will be notified of the minimum remaining amount. In this case, we are talking about disk space since the traffic at all tariffs is unlimited and without ratios.

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