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DNS hosting service updated


DNS Hosting service has been updated, support has been added:

  • IPv6 protocol

You just need to add an AAAA record and specify the IP address of the 6th protocol, and if your web server is configured correctly, the site will work under 2 protocols simultaneously.

  • DNS Sets

When creating a new zone, it became possible to select a preset DNS set. DNS set is a set of records that can be applied directly to a domain if you want to use popular services. At the moment, 3 sets are preinstalled for the work of mail from Google, and Yandex. DNS sets allow you to save time on creating records, you just have to check them and correct them if necessary.

  • Informing

For incorrectly configured domains, a notification is displayed with a reason. This allows you to determine if the DNS servers for your domain are specified correctly. A warning is also displayed for remote domains. DNS hosting service automatically checks domain names and their settings.

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