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How to quickly make a website by buying only hosting


Any company needs its own website to attract customers. For example, you have opened a car service or cafe, but do not understand programming and design. This article will allow you to independently create a convenient website with basic information, which can be added to Yandex and Google maps and attract customers who need your services nearby, completely free of charge. Very often people are looking for the services they need near their home or work through cards .

For a business, especially at the start, it is important to minimize costs and be able to scale in the future. As a rule, the owner himself solves most of the tasks. We will tell you about 2 options on how to create a website yourself.

1. Website builder, with the help of it you can edit the basic 5 pages, choose a template for your topic and publish it on the hosting.  

Of the advantages:

  • Doesn't require any skills
  • Minimum time (business card site will take 1.5 hours)
  • The finished site can be immediately added to the maps and attract customers


  • Limited functionality
  • Basic design

2. Creation of a site based on popular cms (such as joomla, wordpress, etc.)

This method can be used simultaneously with the constructor, for example, you made a website on the constructor and after some time you need additional functionality. You can install any application from our directory, for example, to another folder or subdomain. Later, when the site is ready to make it the main one. In this case, you can choose an application that suits more, hosting supports several sites at the same time.

Of the advantages:

  • The ability to create a complex site (for example, an online store)


  • Requires skills and experience
As a result, buying hosting from us, you can make a website quickly and in the future have the opportunity to grow for your project. Thus, both options complement each other perfectly. All our plans include a website builder option and an app catalog.

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