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Added 2 new video apps for VPS/VDS servers


Both applications allow you to create your own private video hosting. Both applications have their own video file encoder, convenient search, comments, ratings. The applications are very similar and follow the user interface of the popular YouTube. Own video hosting can be useful for corporate use or placing your personal collection of video clips on the Internet. Video files are conveniently shared and most importantly, no one will block you and no one will complain about your videos, because this is your personal video hosting.

We described the installation and configuration of both applications based on Linux Ubuntu 20.04. Instructions and screenshots are given in the description for each application:

A little background. About 10 years ago, when websites were just appearing and it was fashionable for each company to have its own, with a unique design. Regular users were offered free hosting on subdomains narod, boom, ucoz and others. Now every company has a website and it is not something special. In recent years, it has been fashionable to have your own video channel. Clients often watch video portfolios and buy services. It will take a few more years, blocking, censorship and other sometimes unfounded complaints about video content to each other will lead to owning your own video site and not being dependent on anyone.

Perhaps right now it is worth deploying your video hosting on a VPS server and sharing a link to a video from your domain.

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