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In this article, we decided to compare a free certificate with a paid one, we will describe what advantages a paid certificate has and why they still buy them. For comparison, let's take the most common Lets Encrypt currently available. Of the paid ones, the most popular Sectigo Positive SSL on orders. Consider the pros and cons of each. 

Free ssl certificate


  • Unlimited validity
  • Easy to install (for shared hosting)


  • Issue term for 3 months (you need to monitor the extension)
  • Complexity of installation and configuration (for servers)
  • Lack of warranty

Paid ssl certificate


  • Ability to purchase immediately for 1 year
  • Easy installation
  • Guarantee


  • That paid

Mostly paid ones are in demand among clients using virtual or physical servers, when there is no control panel with the possibility of issuing a certificate, as a rule, the server is manually configured to host a site or other service. In this case, buying a certificate eliminates the need to install the necessary packages and configure them. Simply replace the certificate file with your own. As for shared hosting, in most cases the control panels can release free in a few clicks and save users from complex settings.

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