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In order to get rid of the error when going to the page with the address https, the site owner must confirm the authenticity and ownership of the resource in the certification authority by using ssl certificates that are issued in order to secure the user's Internet connection with the site through reliable encryption and transmission of information.

All the data that is transmitted from the computer to the server via the http protocol is unsafe and can be intercepted by intruders, unlike the https protocol, its advantage lies in the fact that all form data, questionnaires that the user fills are encrypted and accessible only to you and the remote resource on which They are filled. It is especially important when it comes to passwords, credit card information.

In order for your online store to be secure you need to purchase an SSL certificate that is issued to your domain name, in this case the browser sees its authenticity and redirects you to the registration or payment page.

An important point is to correctly configure and install the certificate on a hosting or virtual server. When purchasing an SSL certificate from us, we will set up and install it free of charge.

If you have already bought and installed an SSL certificate, but still, in some browsers you see an error message, this indicates that you installed it incorrectly. This is especially common in older browsers and operating systems. In this case, check whether your cert.crt certificate file contains the root certificates of the CA and if not, add them. The root certificate file is called ca-bundle.crt.

The command to add: cat ca-bundle.crt >> cert.ctr Then you need to restart the web server.

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