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Description of service

Traffic filtering is carried out in automatic mode 24/7 on the basis of intelligent learning traffic filtering system Arbor (

Technical limitations of the service 

Within 5 minutes of the start of the attack, the filtering system will begin to record the attack data to generate the report.

The service provides traffic filtering only for a network segment using the IPv4 protocol.

In some cases, the Service may not provide full protection of the Object from the DoS-Attack / DDoS attack or its part, including inside the IP / MPLS network.

We have the right to refuse the redirection of the Object's traffic to the Purification Device in the event that this may entail negative consequences for the functioning of RIPNET networks and equipment of other customers.

The Cleanup device operates on the basis of an analysis of the parameters of earlier DDoS attacks or previously received unwanted traffic. These parameters from the point of view of prevention of undesirable events are of a probabilistic nature. In this regard, RIPNET LLC does not guarantee that the client's Internet traffic through the cleaning device will provide the client's expected level of protection against DDoS attacks.


When the service is connected to the client, a dedicated IP address is provided, which is configured by our technical support on the virtual dedicated client server. This ip address is allocated from the protected subnet and it is necessary to use it to configure the site or other service. The cost of the service is indicated for 1 ip address, if necessary, several protected ip addresses, contact technical support. The service can be connected only when ordering a VPS / VDS server.

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