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Features and management of VPS

VPS and VDS servers have many management and configuration features through the Power User Panel.
In this manual you can get acquainted with the functional. To enter the server control panel, use the link sent in the order information, as well as the login and password. In addition to full ssh access, the web panel offers the user the convenience and visibility of managing your server, so you do not have to be the administration guru to set up your server, make a backup, configure the autorun of the required services, view traffic usage, and configure security. 

There are 3 options for remote access to the server:

  • SSH client
  • Web panel
  • VNC client
  • RDP client (for Microsoft Windows)

SSH client is a traditional way to access Linux servers, download any ssh client and connect to the server using a dedicated ip address, as well as login and password. By default, the login is always root, for greater security, we recommend that you configure an additional user, and the root access is closed for logging directly.

Web panel (Power User Panel) allows you to create backup copies of the entire server, configure services, update the server software, view the resources used, manage the firewall, manage files and much more.

The VNC client allows access to the server screen, in case there is no possibility to connect to it via ssh. You see the server monitor as if it were in front of you physically.

The RDP client is used to manage Microsoft Windows systems. The client is present in the windows operating systems, called Remote Desktop Connection. The client allows you to connect to the server and work with it as if it were a physical server in front of you.

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