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To reduce costs, optimize resources, and manageability, we offer a solution for transferring your physical equipment to our virtual environment. This solution has the following advantages over physical equipment:

  • Reduced maintenance costs - the price is lower compared to the location of servers in the Data Centers
  • Convenient administration and scalability through a user-friendly control panel and resource allocation platform
  • Above the security level - the ability to set your backup schedule, including both full and incremental backups
  • Configuring services, users, firewall with a convenient control panel
  • Additional access through VNC will allow you to be located like a physical server monitor
Software products for physical equipment migration
To migrate a physical server, you must install the agent, depending on the operating system:
Software products for migration from VPS to VDS
To migrate from a VPS virtual environment to a VDS virtual machine

Our specialists will transfer your servers and computers for free, after which they will provide the necessary access and you will be able to check everything in a few days and then pay. To order a service, register and open a request for this topic in your personal account.

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