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All shared hosting tariffs include a certain number of databases, the volume of the tariff plan can be used at your discretion, place a site using a database or just files or just a database for connecting from external equipment. Database hosting is necessary when you need to store some data on a third-party server and connect from several devices at the same time so that all applications have relevant data. It can be any application: mobile, web or classic for PC.

Database hosting allows you to configure the differentiation of rights, for example, assign multiple users to the same database with different rights. There are 3 types of database connection settings in the control panel. These rights are assigned to the user himself and for each you can configure your own.

  • Allow only local connections
  • Allow remote connections from any device
  • Allow remote connections from specified ip addresses of devices

A new user must be assigned to the previously created database. If necessary, you can configure access rights to the database both for the entire structure and individually. 4 types of roles available:

  • Read and write
  • Raad only
  • Write only
  • Other

Other type can be configured independently by marking the necessary fields in the Access to structure section.

For convenience in working with the database, the control panel has a number of useful tools.

  • Cheque and Repair
  • Copy database
  • Export and Import dump

phpMyAdmin is configured in such a way that you do not need to remember accesses to each database, you just select the phpMyAdmin opposite the database and it will open this particular database.

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