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Guide to setting up a site on a hosting >  Configure site and domain >  Name Service Configuration (DNS)

To configure the name service, go to the DNS Settings menu. By default, all basic settings are ready to work, but it may be necessary to add a new entry and configure an ip address for it.

The DNS service allows you to configure different types of records and is an important aspect in the work of the hosting, you need to make changes with knowledge of the matter, otherwise it can lead to website inoperability. Be careful. To restore the records to the default, click Restore default settings, in this case all records will be restored to their original form. 

    • Record A associates a Nombre de dominio address with an IP address over IPv4.
    • An AAAA record associates a Nombre de dominio address with an IP address over IPv6.
    • The CNAME record is used to redirect the primary domain to another name.
    • The MX record points to the mail exchange server for this domain.
    • The NS record points to the DNS server for this domain.
    • A PTR record associates a domain IP address with its canonical name.
    • The SOA record is the initial record and indicates on which server information about this domain is stored, contains the contact information of the provider responsible for this zone.

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