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By default, all sites are configured with basic protection that includes different sublevels. There is a need to configure additional protection yourself; for this, go to the Firewall for web applications item.

You can choose Web application firewall mode:

  • On
  • Off (Incoming HTTP requests and related responses are not Chequeed.)
  • Detection only (Each incoming HTTP request and the related response are Chequeed against a set of rules. If the Cheque succeeds, the HTTP request is passed to web site content. If the Cheque fails, the event is logged, no other actions are performed.)

A website can stop functioning as expected after you change the web application firewall mode to On from Off or Detection only. In this case, analyze the error log to find out what is happening. You can switch off too restrictive security rules or adjust the website.

  • Switch off security rules

Here you can switch off security rules. It is handy if you find out that a security rule is too restrictive for some websites. To deactivate security rules, specify their IDs (for example, 340003), tags (for example, CVE-2011-4898), or regular expressions used in rule messages (for example, XSS).

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