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The terms

  • Dominio - The name used on the Internet, which allows you to identify the resources on the network. A domain can contain both letters and numbers. Has a hierarchical structure, second, third level. Served by a number of DNS servers. Domains on the Internet are all unique.
  • DNS - A service that allows you to map ip addresses to domains, for convenient use of the Internet.
  • IP address - the network's unique network address in the Internet, there are two main versions of the IPv4 and IPv6 protocol.
  • PI address - Independent IP addresses, organization or physical. A person can obtain his address space, regardless of the provider of Internet services.
  • VPS  - This is the next step beyond Shared hosting, which allows you to get a larger set of functionality and performance. As a rule, it is claimed by owners of resource-intensive sites, portals and other web-applications.
  • Shared hosting - Service for hosting web-applications on the provider's server in the Internet, on such servers, as a rule, several sites are stored.
  • Spam - Mass mailing of advertisements by e-mail without the consent of the recipients.
  • SaaS - (Software-aaS) applications in the form of services - an option in which you are offered to use some specific software, for example, corporate systems, in the form of a subscription service. For example, an enterprise does not have the ability or the will to host an internal Exchange server for mail, calendars, etc. - and it can buy it remotely, taking into account all the necessary specifics. Are these services often available in the browser? Do you use Google Docs? This is SaaS, only free.
  • PaaS - (Platform-aaS) - unlike SaaS, intended more for the end user, an option for developers. In the cloud, there is a certain set of programs, basic services and libraries, on the basis of which it is proposed to develop their applications. The most striking example is the platform for creating applications Google AppEngine. In addition, PaaS also understands parts of complex systems, such as a database system or communications.
  • HaaS - (Hardware-aaS) - One of the first terms for providing some basic "iron" functions and resources in the form of services. But virtual hosting is used instead of direct hosting. Therefore, when it comes to a particular gland, some abstract entities are understood that are analogous to real iron (storage space, CPU time in the equivalent of any real CPU, bandwidth).
  • IaaS - (Infrastructure-aaS) - It is believed that the term came to replace HaaS, raising it to a new level. For example, these are virtualization systems, load balancers and the like, which are the basis for building other systems.
  • СaaS - (Communication-aaS) - It is understood that communication services are provided as services; Usually it's IP-telephony, mail and instant communications (IM).

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