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We are often asked which dedicated server to choose and we decided to give examples of use, indicating the obvious advantages depending on the needs.

Placement of the site – It is almost certainly better to choose VPS (virtualization at the level of the operating system).
  1. Since the Linux operating system has proven itself as an operating system for the operation of your site, no other is required.
  2. Of the pluses, you can also increase the performance of the VPS server "on the fly" without rebooting the server itself, the whole configuration is applied to the work machine and takes effect within 1-2 minutes.
  3. Backup takes place much faster due to the smaller volume of the operating system itself, and it is also possible to view all the backup files and restore only the necessary files by selecting them in the file manager when browsing the contents.
CRM and other web systems – As well as with the site, the choice falls on the VPS server.

  1. CRM systems, various bilinguals and others usually work in popular programming languages like Java, C, Python, Perl or PHP, which works great on VPS servers.
  2. By analogy as for the site, all the advantages described above are available.

Obviously, the solution with the VPS server allows for more flexible and faster administration, leaving to all high performance.


1C server – Then the choice immediately falls on VDS (virtualization at the hardware level).

  1. VDS server allows you to install the Windows operating system including your own distribution from the disk (ISO image).
  2. Your server will also have a control panel for administration, backups, etc.
  3. Through the control panel you can control it as a normal computer, turn it on, off and restart, and also view everything on the screen, as if you are behind a real server with a monitor. Unless, all these buttons and the screen are accessible through the control panel in your browser.
  4. Of the pluses there is no need to install any applications, all actions occur through your favorite browser, whether it's Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari or Firefox, the choice is yours.
Telephony server (VoIP) – Here, as experience shows, you must also select the VDS server and that's why:

  1. The software for voice transmission and processing requires the operating system to directly access its core and some functions of the physical server itself, therefore, for voice transmission including queues and IVR to work correctly, it is necessary to select a VDS server, most often it runs on Linux distributions, less often on Windows.
  2. All servers include a system for calculating statistics, you can view the amount of incoming and outgoing traffic in your account. By the way the traffic we have unlimited and without the ratio of incoming and outgoing.

In the last two situations, the choice is only for VDS, because the VPS can not start the Windows operating system, and also gain full control over the kernel of the Linux operating system.

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